Facilitated Shoots

From time to time we arrange and run arranged, themed open photo shoots at our studio. These are non-instructional sessions, and are intended to give photo enthusiasts opportunities to practice in a professional photo studio setting, and create images for their portfolios. 

• You will need to bring a DSLR or other camera equipped with a hot shoe mount or PC sync cord connector. 
• I will arrange for one or more models, and arrange for professional stylists as needed.
• I will creatively light and dress one or two sets for the shoot.
• Unlike other arranged photo shoots of this kind, to ensure the better results for all, only one photographer will work with each model at a time, so attendance will be limited.
• The model will sign a release allowing participants limited non-commercial use of photographs made during the shoot.
• All photographers will be asked to deliver to the model within 7 days following the workshop, three full resolution image files of photographers' choice, which she may use for promotion. 

Watch for announcements of these facilitated photo shoots in our blog, and for Event Listings on our Facebook Page

 If you would like to suggest a theme for one of these shoots, please let me know, by using the contact form.

Arrange for five of your friends to sign up for an arranged photo shoot, and you can either attend at no charge, or all six of you can enjoy a 17% discount each.