Studio Rental Rescheduling: Terms and Conditions

  • A paid rental of studio time, along with any included rental options, may be rescheduled upon request.
  • A rescheduling service charge of either $50 or 25% of the full original rental fees (including fees for studio time plus options if any), whichever is greater, will apply.
  • Only the original rental arrangement in its entirety may be rescheduled.  Rentals of studio time cannot be rescheduled as multiple shorter studio rentals.  Rentals of any options or accessories included as part of the original arrangement cannot be rescheduled separately from their associated rental of studio time.
  • Only requests for rescheduling received at least 48 hours prior to the start of a reserved time slot will be accepted. Should payment of the rescheduling fee not be received at least 48 hours prior to the start time of the originally scheduled rental, the rescheduling request will be cancelled.
  • Rentals must be rescheduled to a period offered at the same rental rate as the original booking. Should for any reason the rental rates for the rescheduled arrangement be less than the amount paid for the original rental arrangement, no credit, refund or additional rental time for the difference will be given.
  • A studio time rental may be rescheduled more than once.  The rescheduling fee and other terms will be applied to each rescheduling.
  • Multiple rescheduling not withstanding, the rescheduled rental must occur within three months of the date of the originally scheduled rental.  Rentals which are not completed within three months of the original scheduled date will be forfeited without exception.